Fallston Basketball Cougars giving back

Thank you to everyone who donated!

Over$5,300 raised which purchases 366 wreaths for our Fallen Veterans! Special thanks to N4E Remodeling for their generous matching donation.


Not 4 Everybody (N4E) Pure Fire Basketball & Fitness Training


N4E, stands for Not 4 Everyone. Why N4E? Because this camp is not for everyone. The program is designed for those who have a passion, a drive, a dedication to be challenged as an athlete and pushed beyond your comfort zone. The goal is simply to increase the “pure Fire“ inside our athletes.


To develop gifted basketball players into highly skilled athletes and future collegiate competitors.

Our goal is to increase the “pure Fire” in your athletes.

Coach Johnny Woods


Your child will receive personalized attention (1 Counselor per 5 Athletes).

Professional basketball trainer, “Jeff Butler, from Basketball Boot Camp.”

High school coaches, committed college athletes, current high school players, and more.


We have a Certified Nurse Practitioner on site.

We provide mental and physical conditioning for athletes.

“Coach Woods,

Thank you for a great basketball experience! Kiri loved it!”



“Coach Woods,

Thank you Johnny Woods for another amazing N4E training camp.  You have an amazing influence on young people especially Kiersten posting with her Free throw award!!!”


Kiersten’s Mom

“N4E Basketball camp (session 2) 2020 certificate and trophy winners! Congrats to every athlete!!!”


Coach Woods

“Coach Woods,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week.  You had an extraordinary staff that walked the walk each day.  Harper came home every day excited about what she had learned and eager to get out to practice once she was home.  We are grateful she had this opportunity.  Thanks for all you do.”


Ashley C.

“This camp was, by far, the highlight of my son’s summer in the sports arena. He is super shy by nature, but this camp helped him to shine. I cannot wait for him to be apart of it again!”


“Most thankful for the opportunity to participate. Can’t think of anything better for my son during these times. Thanks for making available and necessary adjustments.”